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We strive to build outstanding and life-long relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. This affords us a unique competitive edge, as well as extraordinary opportunities to communicate, coordinate, and implement the type of roofing services expected from a professional roofing contractor.

As our reputation continues to grow on a national scale, we realize that it is based on our past roofing projects. Therefore, we raise the bar for exceptional performance, job by job, year by year. We pledge our full support toward the successful completion of our clients’ roofing projects, and we will perform our services in your best interest with a great effort to maintain your trust and good will.

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Chamber Roof from start to finish did an outstanding job.They are what you call a stress free service.Ben and crew were top notch and did a follow up to make sure everything was done correctly and made sure I was 100 percent happy
mitchell simon
mitchell simon
March 14, 2023.
Our 30 year old roof was replaced in two days! Jackson and Tate were both courteous and professional and made the process stress free from start to finish.
Danielle Parker
Danielle Parker
March 9, 2023.
A painless experience that took very little effort on my part to get my roof replaced. Chamber Roof was professional and efficient and I would use them again if I ever need work done.
Jay Starr
Jay Starr
March 2, 2023.
Jody answered every question and provided all the necessary information I needed to choose Chambers Roofing to install my roof. His team worked tirelessly to complete the job in one day and I couldn’t be happier with their work. A worker was sent the following day as well to make sure clean up was satisfactory. Not one branch of any plants were broken and much care was taken of my property.
Dionne M Beasley
Dionne M Beasley
January 16, 2023.
From the beginning of the discussion about the project course, my focus was on the end point….the result; the last reimbursement, the final inspection, the last piece of roofing material, the last nail. All the in-between stuff was flawless: insurance inspection, work phase/status reports/sign-offs, and all the final stage, statements,reports and notarized certifications, all coordinated and executed by your chosen roof contractor. Ann when he concludes his affairs in your behalf you’ll have a new friend and a new master class craftsman you are proud to introduce
G Tony Williams
G Tony Williams
December 22, 2022.
I don't give business to a company whose salespeople purposely ignore No Soliciting signs, as she acknowledged when I pointed it out, and then proceed to leave fliers in the door afterwards.
katie sanders
katie sanders
September 27, 2022.
If we could give Chamber 10 stars, we would. With a real-feel temperature of 105 for most of the day, Scott and his crew worked tirelessly in brutal heat to complete our install in just one day. I'm sure the temperature on the roof had to be above 130 degrees. The job was completed perfectly! The roof looks awesome! We had many insurance issues, but Scott hung-in there with us for months and Jody was very supportive of our insurance issues. It also impressed us that the owner (Jody) himself showed-up on the day of the install to make sure things were going smoothly. Another reason we highly-recommend Chamber is after a full day of roasting in the sun, the crew left our home and property spotless!!!!!!!!!! Would we recommend Chamber to others...YES! 10 stars!!!!
Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher
July 28, 2022.

Why Chamber Roof?

• Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
• Stands behind our work and guarantees products and services
• Is experienced with all roofing materials and installation procedures
• Keeps the work area clean and neat
• Manages crew on every roofing project to ensure the installation process is carried out thoroughly and effectively
• We strongly promote quality craftsmanship and training for all our employees and hold them accountable to a higher standard
• We represent you on the insurance claim and will meet the adjuster on behalf of the homeowner
• Offer free estimates and quotes on all roofing projects



Roof Repairs:
Chamber Roof can assist you should you have damage caused from storms, wind, hail, trees or other natural disasters to avoid structural issues to your home.

If your roof is reaching its 25-year mark, it is time for a replacement. Here are a few more indicators that your roof is due for an upgrade:

• Leaks
• There are excessive granules in your gutters
• There is visible hail or weather damage
• Your roof is missing shingles
• Your shingles are growing moss or algae

Book An Appointment

Our roof consultants have your best interest at heart, and you can trust that we will perform a thorough inspection completed in a timely manner with complete professionalism.

We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to make the best decision for you; Therefore, we provide estimates for full roof replacements as well as any roof repair work, all free to you.

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